Meet Our Leaders

ASB (Associated Student Body) provides an opportunity for students to engage in a structured partnership with students, parents, teachers and administration in the operation of their school.  Students in leadership acquire communication, planning and organizational skills while taking responsibility for various projects in their school community.



Joseph Sangenito - ASB President
Sophia Le - ASB Vice President
Leah Tran - ASB Secretary
Sophie Nguyen - ASB Treasurer



Chan, Winston
Dai, Tien
Dang, Joycemary
Dinh, Joey
Do, Nghi
Doan, Brandon
Duong, Sophia
Ho, Thomas
La, Sang
Le, Sophia
Luu, Angelina
Luu, Joane
Nguyen, Anh-Thu
Nguyen, Lynn
Nguyen, Lynna
Nguyen, Michelle
Nguyen, Randy
Nguyen, Sophie
Ortega, Anne
Phan, Jenny
Phan, Kathlyn
Sangenito, Joseph
Sivongxay, Alexandra
Stulpin, Alyssa
Stulpin, Jenna
Tran, Jonathan
Tran, Leah
Tran, Stacy
Tran, Valerie
Troung, Fred
Troung, Phuongnhi