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Student Handbook


Welcome to Warner Middle School! Our mission is to empower all students to reach their full potential.
The primary focus of Warner’s staff is to assist students to focus on academic success. It is expected
that every student will follow the Code of Student Conduct. Failure to follow the Code of Student Conduct
will result in appropriate consequences.
Class room con duct
It is the goal of Warner Middle School to offer opportunities where all students may realize their academic
potential. Each student has the right to learn. Each teacher has the right to teach. In order to provide a
classroom environment that is conducive to learning we expect that all students will:
1. Enter and exit the classroom in a quiet and orderly fashion.
2. Be in their seats ready to learn when the tardy bell rings.
3. Be prepared with pen/pencil, notebook, and paper in a 3 ring binder with Agenda study planner.
4. Follow all directions of the classroom teacher and other staff.
5. Obey classroom rules and avoid disturbing the learning of others.
6. Use restroom facilities before school, after school, during breaks and lunch.
7. Dress in compliance with the school’s dress code.
8. Observe the “No gum at Warner Middle School” rule while on campus.
9. Eat and drink only in the Lunch Shelter area.
10. Remain out of the hallways at lunch.
Cam pus Con duct
In order to create a safe and respectful school environment we expect all students will:
1. Demonstrate appropriate behavior in the classrooms, on the school grounds, and on the way to and
from school.
2. Comply with the school dress code.
3. Be courteous, respectful, honest, and show good manners.
4. Obey directions for sitting, conduct, and dismissals at assemblies.
5. Move in a quiet and orderly manner throughout the campus.
6. Use the library responsibly, respect the rights of others, use materials properly, and return books on time.
7. Promptly pay for lost, damaged, and/or overdue library books and textbooks.
Students will not at any time:
1. Leave campus during school hours unless accompanied by a parent or guardian and checked out
through the office.
2. Use gang type writing on books, notebooks, and/or personal or school item.
3. Ride bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, or scooters on school ground. It will be confiscated and
a parent will be requested to come to school to retrieve it. Items such as skateboards and scooters
shall be left in a classroom and not carried around school. During PE and other times there is not a
place to store these items and students carrying these items with them will have the items confiscated
and parents will be required to pick them up in the office.
4. Show inappropriate displays of affection.
5. Bring any form of electronic device to school. Cell phones that are used on campus will be confiscated
and a parent will be required to pick up.
6. Use profane or vulgar language or make obscene or suggestive gestures.