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Graduation Reminders

Graduation Reminders

Early Release Permission Slips need to be signed
Must be at the high school by 1:30pm and  lined up by 2pm.

Dress Code
The primary standard for pupil dress is to be neat and clean. Pupils are not to be attired in clothing which compromises safety or modesty or is disruptive to the education process. 

NO HIGH HEELS. Wedges shorter than 2 1/2 inches are ok. It must have a back sling.  No flip flops.

No explosing of the bare midriffs, see through attire, short skirts and shorts, and plunging necklines.  Look professional. 

Let's not for graduation

Cell Phones
Be considerate, respectful, and mindful that 2,000 people are watching you. 

Rehearsal Directions click here.