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Parent Education

Relationship with Youth Matters


  • The number one need of all human beings is a sense of belonging. This need drives most behavior.

  • When youth feel respected, appreciated and genuinely cared for by their teachers and parents, they are far more motivated and behave appropriately. If these needs are unmet, they "act out" for attention, power, or control.

  • Youth are far more responsible and motivated when their teachers and parents allow them to make choices and solve their own problems - within limits.

  • Successful educators and parents know that (1) setting fair and realistic expectations for youth; (2) providing consistent and predefined consequences with sincere empathy, compassion, and a   calm voice are the best efforts for positive discipline. This approach will nurture respect and cooperation and will help youth feel secure and loved!

  • The goal of all teaching by teachers and parents is to expect youth to be caring respectful, and responsible:  

    (1)  Being in control of own behavior;  (2)  Being trusted with important jobs/tasks; (3)   Having work finished on time; (4) Doing his or her part when working together; (5) Admitting mistakes and misbehavior and not repeating the same behavior.

Unhelpful Parenting Styles
Positive Parenting