Warner's Robotics Team gets a big Win at University of California, Riverside!

This weekend the Warner Robotics team, Tech-No-Logic, competed in the FIRST Lego League Competition Qualifiers. 
It was a long and difficult day for the students. Arriving at UCR by 7:30 am and presenting and competing until 3:45 pm on a Saturday. The team presented their Innovative solution for energy storage and distribution. Then after a promising practice round their robot HUB (the brain of the Robot) loses the ability to run half of its programs. Luckily we came prepared with a second HUB and the students were about to reprogram and rebuild their robot in less than 30 minutes. As the team kept improving in the next two rounds the question was whether all their hard work was enough.
Well....it was. The students received an award in Engineering Excellence and a Breakthrough Award and they're among the top teams going to the Regional competition. 
If you would like to see photos of the competition from the qualifiers and the future follow us @warner_robotics on Instagram or @WsdDsousa on Twitter.