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Physical Education

PE Combo

Students will study and practice the science and art of human movement. Through physical education, individuals learn to perform the motor skills necessary in everyday living, as well as the skills needed for a lifetime of physical activity. Within the physical education program, students will be required to study, research, and perform a variety of these lifetime activities. They will develop and maintain sound physiological functions through vigorous muscular activity and will increase their appreciation of movement while developing greater physical self awareness. Students may be expected to use information literacy and technology literacy skills to complete physical education assignments. 

Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge and the motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities. They will develop strategies that apply to learning and improving physical performance and fitness. All students will be tested for individual fitness levels at the beginning and towards the end of the year using state mandated testing procedures. Students will participate in activities that build physical fitness and use graphs to analyze progress and improvements towards individual goals. Physical Education will provide every student with the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge of the basic health, and sports related  components. Students will be required to identify specific exercises to improve each of the health related components and set realistic goals to improve each. All students will participate in both small and large groups to better develop the social and team concepts and strategies that will allow them to function in today’s society.