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Policies and Procedures

Warner Middle School Student Handbook

Welcome to Warner Middle School! Our mission is to empower all students to reach their full potential.


The primary focus of Warner’s staff is to assist students to focus on academic success. It is expected that every student will follow the Code of Student Conduct. Failure to follow the Code of Student Conduct will result in appropriate consequences.

Classroom conduct

It is the goal of Warner Middle School to offer opportunities where all students may realize their academic potential. Each student has the right to learn. Each teacher has the right to teach. In order to provide a classroom environment that is conducive to learning we expect that all students will:
  1. Enter and exit the classroom in a quiet and orderly fashion.
  2. Be in their seats ready to learn when the tardy bell rings.
  3. Be prepared with pen/pencil, notebook, and paper in a 3 ring binder with Agenda study planner.
  4. Follow all directions of the classroom teacher and other staff.
  5. Obey classroom rules and avoid disturbing the learning of others.
  6. Use restroom facilities before school, after school, during breaks and lunch.
  7. Dress in compliance with the school’s dress code.
  8. Observe the “No gum at Warner Middle School” rule while on campus.
  9. Eat and drink only in the Lunch Shelter area.
  10. Remain out of the hallways at lunch.

Campus Conduct

In order to create a safe and respectful school environment we expect all students will:
  1. Demonstrate appropriate behavior in the classrooms, on the school grounds, and on the way to and from school.
  2. Comply with the school dress code.
  3. Be courteous, respectful, honest, and show good manners.
  4. Obey directions for sitting, conduct, and dismissals at assemblies.
  5. Move in a quiet and orderly manner throughout the campus.
  6. Use the library responsibly, respect the rights of others, use materials properly, and return books on time.
  7. Promptly pay for lost, damaged, and/or overdue library books and textbooks.

Students will not at any time:

  1. Leave campus during school hours unless accompanied by a parent or guardian and checked out through the office.
  2. Use gang type writing on books, notebooks, and/or personal or school item.
  3. Ride bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, or scooters on school ground. It will be confiscated and a parent will be requested to come to school to retrieve it. Items such as skateboards and scooters shall be locked up in the bike rack area near the office. During PE and other times there is not a place to store these items and students carrying these items with them will have the items confiscated and parents will be required to pick them up in the office.
  4. Show inappropriate displays of affection.
  5. Bring any form of electronic device to school. Cell phones that are used on campus will be confiscated and a parent will be required to pick up.
  6. Use profane or vulgar language or make obscene or suggestive gestures.



It is the goal of Warner Middle School to offer opportunities, where learning has no limits. Every student and staff member is entitled to a safe school environment free from violence, harassment, intimidation, and bullying. In order to provide a classroom environment that is conducive to learning we expect that all students display ROCKS:












This may include but is not limited to:


•     Follow directions from any adult on campus the first time asked

•     Use appropriate Time, Place, and Manner for communication (Communication Matrix)

•     Care for your own and school property


•     Be prepared (Chromebook, school supplies, etc.)

•     Take all communication between home and school such as report cards, progress reports, and letters

•     Obtain the appropriate signatures and return to school on the day expected

•     Complete all assigned work on time

•     Be on time to class or have the proper documents for tardiness


•     Take intellectual risks in class

•     Participate in group discussions, on campus activities, and involve yourself in your school community

•     Speak out against wrongdoing

•     Notify an adult or use Jupiter Ed Hotline if there is a concern


•     Treat others as you wish to be treated

•     Include others in positive activities

•     Share and be generous without expecting anything back


•     Do not touch others or their property

•     Think before speaking

•     Follow all school and classroom rules, especially when it is most difficult to



Students may be assigned a Detention or campus beautification for tardies to school or classes, technology misuse, not following directions, being disruptive in class, or other acts of defiance.  Detentions may be conducted during the school day, during lunch, before school, after school, or on a Saturday. During this time, students will exercise mindfulness, learn appropriate social skills, and reflect on their actions. 

Any student who engages in physical, verbal (profanity), social, or emotional aggression toward another student or staff, at school or online, may face the following consequences:

•     Suspension

•     Alternative school placement

•     Expulsion

•     Loss of privileges such as participating in sports, activities, or attend after school or end of year celebrations. (8th grade students may lose the privilege of walking in promotion, regardless of GPA or prior discipline record.)



Bullying is an ongoing pattern of aggression, harassment, threats or intimidation when there is an imbalance of power from peer to peer. This can occur when one peer has greater status, control or power over the other (as perceived by the target). Bullying occurs in the form of physical, verbal, or non-verbal attacks. It can occur in person or online. Any type of bullying is never acceptable and will be met with severe consequences. If you are experiencing bullying, please report to an adult and notify the school. You may use the hotline function in Jupiter Ed or go directly to an adult on campus.

Sexual Harassment

District Policy states “sexual harassment of any student or employee by another person is prohibited.”

Sexual harassment can include:

1.   Unwanted sexual advances.  (Such as trying to meet someone and start a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship when the other person does not want to, or suggesting that you get to know each other better.)

2.   Making threats to another person if they do not want a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.

3.   Showing the other person “vulgar” or “dirty” pictures, objects, or words.

4.   Giving the other person continual sexual “looks” or making sexual movements or signals.

5.   Saying sexual things, making sexual jokes or comments, or writing sexual letters or notes.

6.   Touching the person in ways they do not want to be touched, blocking their movement, bumping, etc.

7.   Pantsing of any students including those of the same gender as the offender or the opposite.

It does not matter if you think you are just fooling around or joking; it may be considered sexual harassment.  This can be serious and may result in being suspended from school, expelled from Westminster schools, or even arrested by the police.


Fighting is considered a very serious violation of school and District rules. All fights will be dealt with in a severe manner. Fighting will not be tolerated. It is important to remember that if there is mutual engagement, there will be mutual consequences. It DOES NOT matter who starts the fight. You are not permitted to hit someone because someone hits you. If both students participated in escalation that resulted in a fight, both students will be considered having mutual engagement. Students are expected to de-escalate situations so that it does not lead to a fight. For example, if a student is threatening you, you are expected to report it to an adult on campus.


Destruction of any property is called vandalism. This could include things like breaking windows, dumping things in classrooms, jamming school locks, etc. This may also include using any instrument to draw, push over, cut, and/or scratch school property.


Good attendance is essential to school success!  We ask students to attend school unless they are ill, or there is a death in the family.  Please try to schedule doctor or dentist appointments after school hours. When you are absent, it is very important to have your parent/guardian call the school attendance line at (714) 894-7281, (available 24 hours a day). Students with excessive absences/tardies will be referred to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB). Any student absent from school may not participate in ANY after school activity on the day of the absence.

School/Class Tardy

Tardies are NEVER excused except for illness, doctor or dentist appointments. Students are given 4 minutes to transition between classes and should never be tardy to a class, unless given permission by an adult on campus.

To School Unexcused Tardies: These reset each semester.

•     1st - Warning

•     2nd – Parent/guardian contacted

•     3rd - 7th - Detention

•     8th - SART meeting scheduled

•     9th - 15th –Written assignment/Placement on the No Go List

•     16th - No Go list

During School Unexcused Tardies: Students are expected to be in their seat when the bell rings for every class. Below is the policy for Tardies to periods 2nd-8 th

•     1st - Warning

•     2nd - Teacher determined consequence

•     3rd - Teacher consequence, and parent contact made

•     4th and more - Teacher refers to office for consequence


According to Education Code Section 48260, “Any pupil subject to full time education who is absent from school without valid excuse three days or tardy without valid excuse in excess of thirty minutes on each of more than three days in one school year is a truant.” Multiple truancies may affect a student’s status to graduate and the student and parent may be referred to SARB (School Attendance Review Board).



Riding a bicycle, skateboard or scooter to school is a privilege that should not be taken for granted. Students are required to follow all traffic laws and safety regulations traveling to and from school.  An area is provided for the parking of student bicycles, skateboards and scooters. It is required that students who ride bicycles, skateboards or scooters use a Warner issued lock to lock up items. The bicycle area will be monitored; however, the school is not legally responsible for damage to or theft of any bicycle, skateboard or scooter brought to school or left on campus. No bicycles, skateboards or scooters may be ridden on campus at any time.  If a bicycle, skateboard, or scooter is confiscated, an adult must pick it up.

Parking Lot

In order to ensure the safety of all, parents are asked to follow all traffic laws and the directions of school personnel. Students are asked to be aware of traffic and walk safely to and from the sidewalk to a car. Parents picking up or dropping off students are to use the pickup/drop off lane, pull as far forward as possible, and remain in their car while waiting. Parents should only park in marked stalls. Students are not allowed to walk through the parking lot unattended. Parents may not double-park in any aisle.

Closed Campus

ONCE STUDENTS ARRIVE AT SCHOOL, THEY ARE TO REMAIN ON CAMPUS THE ENTIRE DAY (including after zero period and before 1st period).  Students leaving campus without permission will be considered TRUANT and will be assigned proper consequences. Students may not have visitors on campus at any time.   Adults MUST check in with the office when entering the campus for any reason.


Warner Middle School respects students’ rights to express themselves in the way they dress.  All students are also expected to respect the school community by dressing appropriately for a K-8 educational environment.  Student attire should facilitate participation in learning as well as the health and safety of students and the adults that supervise them.  This policy is intended to provide guidance for students, staff, and parents.


1.        Clothing must cover areas from one armpit across to the other armpit, down to approximately 3 to 4 inches in length on the upper thighs (see image).  Tops must have shoulder straps. Your top garment must meet your bottom garment.

2.        Shoes must be worn at all times and should be safe for the school environment.

3.        Clothing may not depict, imply, advertise, or advocate illegal, violent, or lewd conduct, weapons, sexual acts, nudity or the use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana or other controlled substances.

4.        Clothing may not display or imply vulgar, discriminatory, or obscene language or images.

5.        Clothing and accessories that endanger student or staff safety may not be worn. 

6.        Apparel, jewelry, accessories, tattoos, or manner of grooming that, by virtue of its color, arrangement, trademark or any other attribute, denotes membership in a gang that advocates illegal or disruptive behavior is prohibited.


The administration reserves the right to determine what constitutes appropriate dress.  Students who do not adhere to these guidelines will not be allowed to attend class.  Parents will be called if appropriate clothing is not available or the student refuses dress-code appropriate clothing.


Warner Middle School is committed to providing a safe, welcoming environment for students, staff, and parents.  It is of great importance that students are able to learn in a distraction free environment.  The following are the guidelines for Warner’s Cell Phone Policy:

1.   Cell phones are not allowed to be used on campus and must be powered off and out of sight in classrooms, unless given direct permission from a staff member.

2.   Warner does not guarantee safety and security of valuable items, especially cell phones.  Students bring cell phones at their own risk.

3.  No video recording or pictures on campus unless given direct permission from a staff member. 

4.   If you have a cell phone, please install a tracking device.  Instructional minutes will NOT be used to find missing or stolen phones.

5.   If you need to get a hold of your child, you may call the front office.

6.   If your child needs to get a hold of you, they may use our phones.

Cell phones may be confiscated by an adult on campus, if a student violates the school cell phone policy. If a phone is confiscated, it will only be returned to an adult.  The district or school are not responsible for any device or personal property that is lost, stolen, or damaged, even after it is confiscated.


Social Media


Parents and guardians are 100% responsible for their students’ proper cell phone use including text messages and social media posts. Many social media sites have age restrictions and are not safe or appropriate for middle school students. Parents/Guardians: If your student is using social media and having problems in social media venues, it is your responsibility to report a problem to the social media venue itself and remove your child from the environment. The school is not responsible for monitoring the social media use of students. You are required to supervise your child’s text messages and social media use carefully.


Academic Honesty

Warner Middle School considers high ethical and moral behavior an education essential.  Individual students are responsible for their own work and actions.  Therefore, the following is in effect at Warner Middle School:

1.   Students will be responsible for honest test taking practices by:

•     NOT receiving or providing information before or during a test

•     NOT using unauthorized materials on a test

•     NOT violating testing rules as outlined by the teacher

2.   Students shall be responsible for their own work and shall not allow other students to use or copy it unless permitted by the teacher.

3.   Students shall complete written work without copying ideas or written material from other sources (books, magazines, internet), unless proper credit is given to avoid plagiarism.

4.   Students shall obtain valid parent signatures on all school documents and papers that require such. Forgery is a serious offense.

5.   Students shall use the computer safely and effectively and shall not interfere with other student’s work that has been completed on the computer.

•     Students will not share his/her password for any device or website unless with a trusted adult.

•     Students will ensure to fully log off all devices and not to save passwords on any device or websites.

•     Students may not attempt to access blocked or inappropriate websites.

•     Students may not use profanity, make insults, or embed inappropriate content in any documents, apps, or sites used for school.

•     If students encounter inappropriate content or content that does not belong to them, they will notify school personnel immediately.

WSD Homework Policy

Homework is an extension of the learning process that takes place during school hours. Parent encouragement and assistance is vital to ensure the success of homework.  Please support your child to complete homework in all classes.  The District’s suggested time schedule for homework is:

Grade Level

Average Daily Time


60 minutes


90 minutes


It is recommended that ALL students read at least 20 minutes a night (a book of their choice), in addition to their normal homework.

Following an excused absence, a student has the same number of days as he/she was absent to make up the work. Students are responsible for finding out and completing all missed worked during an excused absence.

Please check a teacher’s syllabus for policies regarding make up work. Students have a right to receive feedback on their work within a responsible time; however, teachers are not required to make it a priority to update Jupiter Ed for late work.


Lost or damaged Chromebook costs are the responsibility of the student and/or parent/guardian. Students may set up an overdrive account to check out books to read on their Chromebook.  Insurance for the Chromebook may be purchased at the beginning of the year.

Physical Education

Middle school students participate in Physical Education 5 days a week.  Students are assigned a PE locker and a combination lock (Replacement locks will cost $5.00). Students are responsible for locking their valuables in their own lockers during PE. Do not share lockers or share your combination to your lock. Both boys’ and girl’s locker rooms are supervised by credentialed teachers when students are present.  The school takes no responsibility for items lost or stolen in the locker room. Students are expected to dress-out for PE every day. Not dressing out will be negatively reflected in a student’s grade.

8th Grade Promotion

8th Grade Promotion is held in June for students meeting requirements for promotion to the high school.

8th Grade Students must meet the following requirements for promotion:


1.   2.0 or higher cumulative GPA (7th and 8th grade)

2.   75% school attendance

Certificate of Attendance:

1.   1.5-1.99 cumulative GPA (7th and 8th grade)

2.   75% school attendance

Students must clear all outstanding obligations (i.e. texts, library books, Chromebooks, lunch monies, etc.)  Students who have excessive truancies, absences, tardies, discipline referrals or have been administratively transferred from another school, or have not attained a 1.5 GPA for eighth grade, may be excluded from promotion and related activities at the principal’s discretion.



Each student and parent is issued a password in September, which allows access to  All student grades, homework, and make-up information is on this site. Jupiter Ed is the primary form teachers will communicate with parent. Parents should check regularly. Jupiter Ed has a function for parents to set up weekly text messages of students’ grades. IT IS IMPORTANT TO REALIZE THAT GRADES ON JUPITER ED ARE NOT OFFICIAL, BUT ARE TO BE USED TO TRACK ACADEMIC PROGRESS. Official grades are mailed home as a Report Card. Please contact the teacher with any questions or concerns you may have about assignments or grading.



Report Cards are mailed at the end of each trimester.  It is important for all parents attend Goal Setting Conferences in the fall. Conferences in the spring are for students at risk of failing. Progress Reports are issued during the sixth week of each trimester of school for any student who is receiving a grade of “D” or “F” in any course.

Wildcat Weekly

There is a weekly newsletter sent home to families via email with all of the important information parents need.  Please check this valuable resources every week. 


Parent/Teacher Conferences can be scheduled as needed.  Please contact the teacher directly if you would like to set up a conference with the teacher. Please be respectful of teacher’s work hours. Teachers contracted hours are 7:30am - 3pm.


Warner uses an automated phone system to keep parents informed of school events, emergencies or special information. Please check your service provider or device to ensure that you are receiving phone calls from the school. is our school website.  All calendars, newsletters, teacher websites and more are posted for updated information.


Balloons/Flowers/CUPCAKES (desserts)

Balloons, flowers, or cupcakes (desserts) are very distracting in the classroom and are NOT allowed. Any balloons, flowers, cupcakes (desserts) brought to school may be confiscated and may NOT be returned to students. Deliveries will not be accepted on behalf of a student.

Books, backpacks, and chromebooks

Students are responsible for their own books, backpack, Chromebook and personal items.  Students should not bring valuable items to school.  Students are responsible for loss/damage to all textbooks, Chromebook, or school property.  It is the responsibility of each student to keep textbooks and Chromebook in good condition and in the condition received.

Students must bring their Chromebook case and charger with them to school every day along with the Chromebook itself.  


Fundraisers are held by ASB, PTA or other clubs to raise money to support programs.  No student may sell items on campus for another organization.  Students are not allowed to sell anything on campus unless it is sponsored and approved by the Student Government.

Lost and Found

The Lost and Found is a courtesy service provided by the school. It is located next to the student window and is the student’s responsibility to check items before or after school (not during school).


Lunches, beverages and snacks must be eaten in designated area only.  Students may SIT at the benches.  Food deliveries from outside vendors or restaurants will NOT be accepted on behalf of a student. We do not disrupt instruction time to deliver lunches to students.

Illness and Medication

If an illness or injury occurs after a student arrives at school, he/she should first report to the teacher and then to the office. Our health technician is on duty from 9:00am to 1:00pm daily.  UNDER CALIFORNIA STATE LAW, WHEN PRESCRIBED MEDICATION MUST BE GIVEN DURING SCHOOL HOURS, PROPER FORMS MUST BE FILLED OUT BY THE DOCTOR AND PARENT.  ALL MEDICATIONS MUST BE STORED IN THE OFFICE.

Medical Insurance

Although care is exercised to prevent accidents, neither the Board of Trustees nor the school can assume responsibility for accidents or injuries to students.  Parents are encouraged to have medical insurance for their child to cover any costs that may be incurred in the case of illness, accidents, or injuries.

Signing below will indicate that a parent/guardian and the student understands the information in the Student Handbook and agree to outlined expectations and information:

Public Displays of Affection

There is to be no intimate display of affection between or among any students while on campus.  Kissing, hugging, and hand-holding are not acceptable school behaviors.


In order to maximize the use of class time, students are to use restrooms during non-class hours; before school, during break time, during lunch and after school.  During class time, students must obtain permission and carry a hall pass from the teacher in order to use the restroom.  Each student is responsible for maintaining the restrooms.  Students who willfully damage the restrooms will be subject to the strictest discipline measures.