Warner Middle School

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Meet Our Leaders

ASB/Leadership provides an opportunity for students to engage in a structured partnership with students, parents, teachers and administration in the operation of their school.  Students in leadership acquire communication, planning and organizational skills while taking responsibility for various projects in their school community.



Tara Lam- President
Taylor Mendoza - Vice President
Emily Do - Secretary
Maja Kurpis - Treasurer


Aduna, Tabytha

Ali, Layla

Choudhry, Muhammad

Dang, Joshua

Do, Emily

Do, Timmy

Doan, Gia Quoc

Doan, Kevin

Figueroa, Victor

Jefferson, Noah

Kurpis, Maja

Lai, Bryan

Lam, Tara

Le, Emma

Le, Hong Ngoc

Mendoza, Taylor Le

Nguyen, Chelsea

Nguyen, Jamie

Nguyen, Jocelyn

Nguyen, Justin

Nguyen, Vickie

Park, Esther

Phan, Fifian

Thai, Lien

Tran, Amie

Tran, Jenny

Tran, Phat

Truong, Diana

Vo, Kathleen

Vo, Nancy

Vu, Minh Khoa

Vu, Tramy

Yang, Amanda